A Surprising Move: Bitget’s BitgetX Division Ceases Trading Operations in Hong Kong

A Surprising Move: Bitget’s BitgetX Division Ceases Trading Operations in Hong Kong

Bitget’s Hong Kong division, BitgetX, has recently made a surprising announcement that it will not be applying for a Virtual Asset Trading Platform (VATP) license in Hong Kong, despite operating in the region for the past seven months. This unexpected decision has left many in the cryptocurrency industry perplexed, as BitgetX had initially launched the platform to comply with regulatory demands. In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind Bitget’s choice and the potential implications it may have for both the exchange and its users.

Cease of Trading Activities

In a statement released on November 13, BitgetX expressed its regret in informing users that it will be immediately ceasing all trading activities. The exchange plans to shut down all operations by December 13, 2023. This means that the BitgetX website (www.BitgetX.hk) will become inactive, leading to the permanent withdrawal of Bitgetx.hk from the Hong Kong market. While this announcement undoubtedly came as a shock to many, BitgetX has assured users that they will still be able to withdraw their assets before the website becomes inactive next month.

BitgetX attributed its choice not to apply for a VATP license in Hong Kong to “business and market-related considerations.” Unfortunately, the statement did not provide any further details regarding the specific factors that influenced this decision. As of press time, Bitget has not responded to requests for additional commentary, leaving industry observers speculating about the underlying reasons behind this surprising move. It remains unclear whether the regulatory landscape in Hong Kong played a significant role in Bitget’s decision.

Bitget is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges globally, boasting more than 20 million users. With such a substantial user base, the closure of the BitgetX platform will undoubtedly have significant consequences for the exchange. It is uncertain how this move will impact Bitget’s overall business operations and reputation in the cryptocurrency industry. The decision not to pursue a VATP license may also raise concerns among users regarding the exchange’s compliance with regulatory requirements in other jurisdictions.

Bitget’s surprising decision not to apply for a Virtual Asset Trading Platform license in Hong Kong has raised eyebrows within the cryptocurrency community. The sudden cessation of trading activities on BitgetX and the subsequent withdrawal from the Hong Kong market have left many wondering about the motivations behind this choice. While BitgetX users can still withdraw their assets, the long-term implications for Bitget and its reputation remain uncertain. As the cryptocurrency landscape continues to evolve, it is crucial for exchanges like Bitget to navigate the regulatory environment effectively to ensure their sustainability and the protection of user assets.


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