Adelle Nazarian: From Journalism to Blockchain – A Journey to Changing Lives

Adelle Nazarian: From Journalism to Blockchain – A Journey to Changing Lives

Adelle Nazarian, the CEO of American Blockchain PAC, has a captivating life story that spans her Persian heritage to her career in journalism. Having worked as a freelance journalist for renowned media outlets like Fox News and CNN, Nazarian experienced firsthand the growing divisiveness and activist nature of the industry. In an interview with Cointelegraph, she expressed her disillusionment with journalism, stating, “Working in journalism was really eye-opening for me because I witnessed how divisive and activist-oriented it’s become.” This realization, coupled with her desire to contribute to people’s betterment, ultimately led her to the world of blockchain and the American Blockchain PAC in 2021.

Nazarian’s roots trace back to Tehran, Iran, where both her parents were born and later immigrated to the United States. Raised in a bilingual household, she speaks Farsi, English, Mandarin Chinese, and French. Her diverse cultural background is a source of pride, and she dreams of visiting Iran in the future. Exploring different regions of the country, particularly Isfahan, where her maternal grandparents were born and raised, is high on her list. Growing up with an entrepreneurial father and a homemaker mother who also ran a caviar business, Nazarian developed an appreciation for business and philanthropy. While journalism provided her with an outlet for investigative reporting, she considers herself an entrepreneur and philanthropist at heart.

Within the blockchain space, Nazarian found a platform to utilize her diverse experiences and engage with people from all walks of life, including world leaders and ordinary individuals. She recognized a common theme that connects everyone’s experiences: the desire and ability to create a better life for themselves and those around them. Seeing Bitcoin as a tool for empowering people globally, she believes in its potential to provide opportunities for socio-economic mobility. Furthermore, Nazarian highlights the potential for governments to reduce their reliance on war as a means to increase wealth through embracing blockchain technology.

The American Blockchain PAC was established with the primary goal of advocating for a sound regulatory framework that defines cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, and establishes clear guidelines within the United States. In addition to supporting political candidates who endorse blockchain technology, the PAC seeks to educate and inform the public about crypto adoption and empower individuals to push back against legislation that may harm them in the long run. Nazarian emphasizes the distinctiveness of Bitcoin among other cryptocurrencies and commends the SEC for classifying it as a non-security asset. She also holds a positive view of Ethereum but acknowledges the need for it to align with its original vision.

Reflecting on the mystery surrounding Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous creator of Bitcoin, Nazarian asserts that many individuals falsely claim to be Satoshi. However, she firmly believes that the real Satoshi Nakamoto is alive and not of Japanese descent. Referencing Ivy McLemore’s book, “Finding Satoshi,” Nazarian suggests that those who thoroughly investigate Bitcoin’s origins understand Satoshi’s intentions. Satoshi aimed to counter the influence of “trusted” third parties and banks, prioritizing decentralized and peer-to-peer transactions. Ironically, the dominance of platforms like FTX contradicts Satoshi’s original vision, showcasing the need for a return to the core principles of Bitcoin.

Nazarian emphasizes the importance of Satoshi’s vision in shaping the future of Bitcoin and the numerous industries benefiting from blockchain technology. She emphasizes that Bitcoin was not driven by personal greed or agenda, but rather by a desire to elevate humanity. Highlighting the significance of vision, she states, “Technically, we are all Satoshi. It’s the vision that matters because even the most incredible technology without vision is a dormant tool.” To Nazarian, Bitcoin represents an unprecedented opportunity to transform humanity and uplift societies on a global scale.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Nazarian has a rich personal life. As a self-proclaimed foodie, she finds immense joy in exploring various cuisines and cooking recipes from all over the world. With Persian heritage, her favorite dish is khoresht gheymeh, a delectable tomato-based stew with beef, lentils, and spices, traditionally served with rice and tahdig. Outside the culinary realm, Nazarian enjoys staying active through workouts, indulging in literature, and embarking on travel adventures, satisfying her curiosity about different cultures and traditions.

Adelle Nazarian’s journey from journalism to the blockchain industry exemplifies her commitment to making a positive impact on people’s lives. Through her role at the American Blockchain PAC, she advocates for a robust regulatory framework and promotes the adoption of blockchain technology. Nazarian’s belief in the transformative power of Bitcoin reflects her dedication to empowering individuals globally and ushering in a new era of financial inclusion and equitable opportunities.


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