Analysis of Bithumb’s IPO Plans and Recent Business Developments

Analysis of Bithumb’s IPO Plans and Recent Business Developments

The South Korean exchange Bithumb is currently in the process of accelerating its proposed KOSPI listing by spinning off its holdings operations into a separate company named Bithumb Investment. The goal is to separate the exchange’s holdings, investments, and real estate operations from its core crypto trading platform, which will continue to be operated by Bithumb Korea.

Shareholder Approval and Launch Timeline

The company plans to divide shares in Bithumb using a 6:4 ratio and will present this plan to shareholders on May 10. If approved, Bithumb Investment is set to officially launch on June 13. Shareholders will receive new shares in the new corporation in proportion to their existing shares. The move seems to be aimed at distancing the firm from ongoing court cases and market manipulation allegations.

Bithumb’s business has been booming in recent months, with the exchange offering commission-free trading and experiencing increased trading volumes in South Korea due to a retail Bitcoin trading renaissance. The spinoff of its holdings operations is expected to further increase the possibility of a successful IPO launch by focusing on creating an entity that centers on the core exchange business.

According to a Bithumb spokesperson, the spinoff will promote efficiency and boost the growth of exchange operations through separate ownership models. The exchange has previously expressed its intention to debut on the KOSPI in 2025, but the recent move indicates a potential fast-track to listing. Regardless of the timing, Bithumb aims to become the first South Korean trading platform to go public.

Unlike Upbit’s operator Dunamu, which is considered too large for a KOSPI debut, Bithumb’s strategic spinoff could pave the way for a successful IPO bid. Meanwhile, another Upbit-related firm, the neobank K Bank, also aims to launch its own IPO bid. K Bank has seen rapid growth due to its partnership with Upbit, providing banking services to customers, and could potentially debut on the KOSPI in the near future.

Bithumb’s IPO plans and recent business developments reflect a strategic approach to accelerate listing plans and enhance the exchange’s core operations. The spinoff of holdings operations into a separate entity aims to promote efficiency, growth, and the possibility of a successful IPO launch. With the South Korean exchange market witnessing increased activity and interest from investors, Bithumb’s move positions it as a frontrunner in the race to become the first publicly listed trading platform in the country.


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