Are Crypto Hedge Funds Falling Short of Expectations in 2023?

Are Crypto Hedge Funds Falling Short of Expectations in 2023?

The latest data reveals that crypto hedge funds have failed to meet expectations in the first half of 2023. According to Switzerland-based investment adviser 21e6 Capital AG, these funds generated an average return of 15.2% during this period, significantly lower than the 83.3% return that could have been achieved by simply holding Bitcoin (BTC). This disappointing performance raises questions about the effectiveness and viability of crypto hedge funds as an investment option.

The Impact of Cash Holdings

One of the main reasons behind the underperformance of crypto hedge funds is the significant cash holdings many of them maintained following the industry’s turmoil in the previous year. When major crypto exchange FTX declared bankruptcy in November 2022, it triggered a market downturn that resulted in Bitcoin and other crypto assets reaching their lowest point in the current market cycle. As a result, these funds missed out on the price gains that took place between January and March of this year.

The Altcoin Challenge

In addition to their cash holdings, crypto hedge funds have been further hindered by the underperformance of altcoins compared to Bitcoin. Many funds invest in a variety of both small and large-cap digital tokens, with the intention of capitalizing on the altcoin market. However, this strategy has backfired in 2023, exacerbating the underperformance of these funds and causing further financial strain.

The data also highlights that crypto hedge funds with market neutral strategies, which aim to generate profits regardless of the overall market direction, performed the worst, yielding only an average of 6.8% during the first half of the year. This is a significant setback for funds that had hoped to minimize risk through such strategies.

Struggling to Find New Partners

The challenges faced by crypto hedge funds extend beyond their underwhelming financial performance. The closure of crypto-friendly banks like Silvergate Capital Corp. and Signature Bank has left many of these funds struggling to find new banking partners. This lack of support not only complicates their operations but also exacerbates the overall difficulties they are facing.

Moreover, the current regulatory uncertainty surrounding the crypto industry adds to the struggles faced by these funds. As governments worldwide attempt to establish clearer guidelines and regulations regarding cryptocurrencies, hedge funds find themselves navigating through unchartered waters. The lack of a comprehensive regulatory framework creates obstacles and uncertainties that deter potential investors and partners from becoming involved.

The Need for Safe Trading Venues and Custodians

To compound the challenges faced by crypto hedge funds, the scramble to find safe trading venues and custodians has intensified. The security and protection of digital assets are crucial for these funds, and without reliable platforms and custodial services, their viability is further compromised. This search for safe and trustworthy trading venues and custodians adds an additional layer of complexity to the already demanding landscape.

Crypto hedge funds have fallen short of expectations in the first half of 2023, underperforming Bitcoin by a significant margin. Factors such as cash holdings, the underperformance of altcoins, market neutral strategies, difficulties in finding new banking partners, regulatory uncertainty, and the need for safe trading venues and custodians have all contributed to this disappointing outcome. As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, it remains to be seen whether these funds can adapt and overcome the challenges they currently face.


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