GameFi Sensation TG.Casino Raises $2.5 Million as Rollbit Whales Rotate

GameFi Sensation TG.Casino Raises $2.5 Million as Rollbit Whales Rotate

The GameFi market has been booming in 2023, with tokens like Rollbit’s $RLB seeing significant growth. However, TG.Casino is now emerging as a strong competitor in the space, raising $2.5 million after a successful presale. This article explores the advantages of TG.Casino over Rollbit and other gaming platforms, highlighting its staking capabilities, price-supportive burn, and token buybacks. With endorsements from key opinion leaders and influencers, TG.Casino is gaining traction and attracting investors. This article also examines the rotation trend from Rollbit to TG.Casino, as evidenced by recent on-chain data.

Advantages of TG.Casino

TG.Casino offers several advantages over its competitors, including Rollbit. One major advantage is the ability to earn passive income through staking $TGC tokens. Unlike Rollbit’s $RLB, which only provides utility within the platform, $TGC holders can benefit from staking rewards and earn additional income. Furthermore, TG.Casino’s 40% burn mechanism is price-supportive, creating a scarcity of tokens and potentially driving up their value. Additionally, a percentage of daily profits goes towards token buybacks, further contributing to the staking rewards income. These features set TG.Casino apart from other gaming platforms in the GameFi sector.

Endorsements and Investor Activity

TG.Casino is gaining attention and endorsements from prominent figures in the crypto space. Key opinion leaders and influencers, such as Eric Cryptoman, Erik Stevens, Dogen, and CheatCoiner, have taken notice of TG.Casino and its potential. Their endorsement of the project has generated significant activity on social media platforms like Twitter, creating a buzz around TG.Casino.

Recent on-chain analysis has revealed a rotation trend from Rollbit to TG.Casino. A Rollbit whale diverted $150,000 from Rollbit into TG.Casino, making a substantial investment in the project’s presale. This movement signifies a shift in the market and strengthens the position of $TGC. TG.Casino’s growing traction and the rotation of funds from Rollbit highlight its potential for success in the GameFi sector.

Telegram messaging app has become a powerful tool in the crypto community, offering features like powerful bots that can enhance user experiences. TG.Casino has leveraged the platform to expand its user base quickly. With no KYC requirements for Telegram-based customers, TG.Casino has attracted a substantial number of users, reaching 6,450 members in its Telegram channel. The integration of the $TGC token into the platform has further accelerated user growth.

Competitive Offering and Tokenomics

TG.Casino offers a competitive product that surpasses not only Rollbit but also market leader Unlike, TG.Casino has its own token, $TGC, and provides staking opportunities, passive income, and higher roller rewards. Currently, users can earn an annual percentage yield of 225% by buying and staking $TGC. These attractive tokenomics contribute to the growing interest in TG.Casino and its ecosystem.

Cashback Incentives and Gambling Balance Protection

TG.Casino has introduced a unique cashback opportunity to incentivize the use of the $TGC token. Players betting with $TGC are eligible for a 25% net cash-back on losses, providing a layer of protection for their gambling balance. This incentive encourages buy pressure on the $TGC token and attracts crypto gambling enthusiasts to the TG.Casino platform. The addition of this incentive has fostered renewed interest in $TGC and further fueled the growth of the platform.

Rollbit’s $RLB has seen a significant increase in value since its launch, with a growth of 5,813% according to CoinMarketCap. With TG.Casino’s promising trajectory, there is hope that it can match or surpass Rollbit’s success. Crypto influencer Crypto V.O has even referred to TG.Casino as “the next 100x presale gem,” further fueling excitement around the project. As the gambling market in the GameFi sector continues to thrive, a tier-1 centralized exchange listing for TG.Casino later this year seems inevitable. Additionally, Coinsult’s contract audit of $TGC found no significant issues, adding further credibility to the project.

TG.Casino’s recent success in fundraising and its unique advantages over competitors like Rollbit have positioned it as a strong player in the GameFi sector. With endorsements from key opinion leaders and a rotation trend from Rollbit, TG.Casino is gaining momentum and attracting attention. Its integration with Telegram and attractive tokenomics make it an appealing option for users seeking passive income and higher rewards. As the market for GameFi continues to grow, TG.Casino’s promising outlook and milestones suggest a bright future for the project. However, it is essential to conduct thorough research and consider the risks associated with investing in cryptocurrencies.


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