The Evolving Passion: Sales Manager in the Crypto Industry

The Evolving Passion: Sales Manager in the Crypto Industry

The cryptocurrency industry is rapidly expanding worldwide, and in Rio de Janeiro, Lugui Tillier is leading the way as the sales manager for Lumx Studios, a top cryptocurrency firm. With dual citizenship between Belgium and Brazil, Tillier’s journey into the crypto world was not just a job, but a passion that ignited with the guidance of a friend. Since joining Lumx in 2021, he has been helping big enterprises integrate blockchain technology into their businesses and explore its potential. In this article, we will delve deeper into Tillier’s experiences, his views on cryptocurrency platforms, the importance of abstraction solutions, and his personal philosophy.

Tillier’s journey into the world of cryptocurrencies started with his friend’s father, who founded the first crypto firm in Brazil in 2016. The constant discussions about crypto and blockchain intrigued Tillier, leading him to explore the subject further. Around 2019, he finally decided to dive into the world of Bitcoin. This newfound interest eventually led him to Lumx Studios, where he is now responsible for sales and establishing relationships with blockchains and protocols.

Lumx Studios functions as a blockchain abstraction solution for big enterprises, helping them integrate blockchain into their operations without the need for in-depth knowledge or skilled blockchain engineers. The company offers services such as payment solutions and decentralized identity (DID) solutions. By providing a safe environment for companies to experiment and deploy projects on the blockchain, Lumx enables businesses to focus on their own applications without worrying about the complexities of blockchain technology and infrastructure.

In recent years, the high transaction fees and congestion on the Ethereum network have been a concern for many projects and companies. Tillier recognizes the importance of layer 2 solutions in addressing these issues. He personally invests in layer 2 platforms like Polygon, Arbitrum, and ZK solutions. The shift towards layer 2s allows for faster and more cost-effective transactions, making it a more sustainable choice for future projects.

While Bitcoin is widely known as the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, its potential as a platform often goes unnoticed. Tillier believes that with advancements like Taproot Assets and Ordinals, Bitcoin is entering a new era where it will not only be a form of currency or store of value but also a platform for storing and trading other assets. This expansion opens up new possibilities for the Bitcoin ecosystem and further strengthens its position alongside Ethereum as one of the main consensus platforms.

Despite the progress made in blockchain technology, it remains a complex field, especially for end-users and traditional companies. Tillier humorously highlights the complexity of MetaMask when trying to teach his father how to use it. To overcome these challenges and accelerate mainstream adoption, emerging abstraction solutions play a crucial role. While they may slightly compromise decentralization, they provide programmability and automation while significantly reducing the barriers to entry. This “semi-decentralized” model offers an alternative for those who prefer a more user-friendly approach to blockchain technology.

In a volatile industry like cryptocurrency, staying composed and adapting to unpredictable situations is essential. Tillier finds solace in studying stoicism, a philosophy that emphasizes focusing on things beyond one’s control. By mastering this mindset, he believes one can find peace amidst the chaos of the crypto world. Stoicism not only shapes his personal life but also influences his professional approach to navigating the ever-changing crypto landscape.

Lugui Tillier’s journey from a passionate individual to a sales manager in the crypto industry exemplifies the growth and opportunities found within this emerging field. As a sales manager for Lumx Studios, he plays a crucial role in enabling big enterprises to leverage blockchain technology without getting entangled in its complexities. With his belief in the potential of Bitcoin as a platform and the importance of abstraction solutions, Tillier continues to contribute to the evolution and adoption of cryptocurrencies. Embracing a stoic philosophy, he exemplifies the resilience needed to thrive in a world of constant volatility and uncertainty.


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