The Future of Web3 Metaverses: ZTX Raises $13 Million in Seed Round

The Future of Web3 Metaverses: ZTX Raises $13 Million in Seed Round

The world of web3 metaverses is continuously evolving, and ZTX has recently made headlines by closing a successful $13 million seed round. Led by leading crypto investment firm Jump Crypto, this funding round demonstrates the growing confidence in the future of web3 metaverses and the potential of ZTX as a creator platform. With investments from prominent players in the web3 investment space like Collab+Currency, Parataxis, MZ Web3 Fund, and Everest Ventures Group, ZTX is poised to make a significant impact on the industry.

ZTX, founded in 2022 as a joint initiative between Jump Crypto and ZEPETO, is focused on providing an infrastructure layer to creators in the web3 metaverse. The team behind ZTX brings together industry veterans from Apple, Roblox, Epic, and EA, alongside experienced builders from successful web3 ecosystems like Cosmos, Flow, and Solana. This diverse expertise positions ZTX to create a unique world that differentiates itself from other web3 metaverse projects.

One of the key factors contributing to the strong confidence in ZTX is its legacy web2 business, ZEPETO. As the fourth largest metaverse platform globally, ZEPETO has amassed over 400 million lifetime users, rivaling the likes of Roblox, Fortnite, and Minecraft. Building on this success, ZEPETO has formed strategic partnerships with renowned brands such as Gucci and Starbucks, further solidifying its presence in the metaverse world.

The successful seed round reflects investors’ faith in the future of web3 metaverses and specifically in ZTX’s potential. Yuki Kanayama, a General Partner at MZ Web3 Fund, expressed high expectations for ZTX, citing the team’s exceptional expertise in both the metaverse and web3. Collab+Currency Partner Stephen McKeon echoed this sentiment, emphasizing their support for visionary teams utilizing decentralized technology to shape the next wave of consumer products. Investors recognize ZTX’s unique advantages in providing an infrastructure layer for NFT projects and web3 builders through its creator-focused tooling.

Despite being founded relatively recently, ZTX is making significant strides in the web3 industry. The platform has already launched its Playtest, an invite-only beta version of its upcoming 3D metaverse platform, allowing selected users to experience and provide feedback. Additionally, ZTX has partnered with Dust Labs, a leading web3 start-up, to collaborate on ZTX Partner Wearables. This partnership aims to facilitate the creation of 3D assets that can be utilized in a variety of open world metaverses.

ZTX is preparing to launch its first Genesis Home Mint, where a collection of 4,000 ZTX-based original 3D metaverse homes will be available for purchase. This milestone further highlights the progress ZTX has made and its commitment to providing unique and immersive experiences for users within the metaverse.

ZTX’s successful seed round and ongoing developments showcase the potential of web3 metaverses. As the industry evolves, ZTX aims to differentiate itself by providing a distinct infrastructure layer for creators. With its legacy web2 platform ZEPETO, strategic partnerships, and a team of industry experts, ZTX is well-positioned to shape the future of web3 metaverses. Investors’ confidence and support further validate the vision and potential of ZTX. The upcoming launch of the Genesis Home Mint and continued partnerships indicate exciting times ahead for ZTX and the web3 industry as a whole.


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