The New Burn Program: Boosting Scarcity and Value of $TAMA Token on Tamadoge

The New Burn Program: Boosting Scarcity and Value of $TAMA Token on Tamadoge

Tamadoge, a web3 games platform, has recently introduced an exciting burn program aimed at enhancing the scarcity and value of its native token, $TAMA. This comprehensive strategy focuses on reducing the circulating supply of $TAMA and includes various methods such as Mega Burns, Community Burns, and Platform Revenue Burns. Through this program, Tamadoge aims to attract new centralized exchange listings while promoting community involvement and transparency.

Tamadoge strongly emphasizes ease of use and community involvement, and the burn program is no exception. To encourage engagement, Tamadoge has made the burn program details available to everyone through the newly launched Tamadoge Burn Portal. Users can access burn schedules and track the number of tokens burnt to date. Furthermore, logged-in users can view the number of TAMA they have personally burned.

The Three Burn Methods

The burn program consists of three main burn methods, each contributing to the reduction of the circulating supply of $TAMA:

Mega Burns

In the fourth quarter of 2023, Tamadoge will organize special promotional events aimed at burning a significant amount of $TAMA tokens. These Mega Burns will play a crucial role in creating scarcity and increasing the value of $TAMA.

Community Burns

With community involvement in mind, Tamadoge has introduced Community Burns. For every $TAMA token burned by the community, Tamadoge will match the burning by burning an equivalent amount of $TAMA, up to a total of 5 million $TAMA. This program will continue until November 5, 2023, providing an opportunity for the community to actively participate in boosting the value of $TAMA.

Platform Revenue Burns

Tamadoge goes beyond community involvement and also dedicates all revenue generated from its platform sales towards the burn program. These revenues will be converted into $TAMA tokens and subsequently burned, further decreasing the circulating supply and enhancing the token’s value.

Getting Started with Burning

To initiate the burning process, users need to connect their wallets to view their $TAMA balances. Once connected, they can enter the desired amount of tokens to burn and complete the transaction by clicking the burn button. Users should be aware that they are responsible for paying the Ethereum gas fees associated with the transactions.

For desktop users utilizing MetaMask, the transaction will be handled by the Chrome browser extension. Users connected with a Tamadoge Wallet (Web3Auth) will experience a streamlined user interface flow provided by Tamadoge and Web3Auth. However, they will still need to pay the necessary ETH gas fee.

Tracking and Transparency

Tamadoge’s Burn Portal not only displays the burn schedules but also provides essential data points to keep the community informed. Users can track the following information:

– Total TAMA burnt
– Total TAMA burnt by the community
– Total TAMA burnt by the user (if connected)

These transparent features and burn methods are designed to make the community an active participant in the growth of the Tamadoge ecosystem.

Tamadoge’s CEO, Jon Bishop, expressed excitement about the start of the burn program. He emphasized the team’s commitment to bring growth and value to the Tamadoge Army, as requested by the community. Bishop praised the excellent product that the team delivered around burning, recognizing its potential to enhance the token’s growth and value.

Tamadoge recently introduced a staking feature, which has already garnered significant interest, with 39.7 million $TAMA staked so far. Stakers receive rewards at a rate of 3 TAMA per ETH block, and a dedicated staking pool of two million $TAMA tokens has been established for distribution.

The staking system allows users to withdraw their staked tokens at any time. The annual percentage yield (APY) varies depending on the number of staked tokens. Each staker’s earnings depend on their percentage of the staking pool and the current APY, which stood at 5.1% at the time of writing.

To complement its gaming offerings, Tamadoge has released a brand new roadmap, ensuring ongoing excitement within the Tamadoge ecosystem. Mystery projects and giveaways will be announced in the coming days and weeks, enhancing brand awareness and attracting new users.

Tamadoge’s focus on the mainstream casual gamer aligns with the projected growth of the mobile games market, estimated to exceed 2.32 billion users by 2027 according to Statista. With its array of games and the $TAMA token, Tamadoge is well-positioned to experience substantial growth in the months and years ahead.

Tamadoge’s burn program signifies a significant step towards enhancing the scarcity and value of the $TAMA token. Through Mega Burns, Community Burns, and Platform Revenue Burns, Tamadoge actively involves and rewards the community while reducing the circulating supply of $TAMA. With the introduction of the Tamadoge Burn Portal and the transparent tracking system, users can easily engage in burning and witness the progress. Combined with staking features and the forthcoming roadmap, Tamadoge is poised to make a substantial impact in the gaming industry and beyond.

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