Avail’s Goldberg Testnet Achieves Milestone With 100 Million Transactions

Avail’s Goldberg Testnet Achieves Milestone With 100 Million Transactions

Avail’s Goldberg testnet has reached a significant milestone by successfully processing over 100 million transactions. This achievement marks a crucial step in its preparation for a mainnet launch, showcasing the platform’s capability to handle real-world network load.

To ensure that the test activity accurately reflects human usage, the testnet integrated Gitcoin Passport to prevent bots and Sybil attacks. Additionally, Avail introduced “Clash of Nodes,” an incentivized testnet aimed at validating the network rigorously. The participation of validators, light client operators, and the broader community helped stress-test Avail’s infrastructure and secure a trust-minimized base layer focused on data availability.

“Clash of Nodes” not only provided a platform for engagement and competition but also played a critical role in validating the network’s core functionality. Participants were tasked with various activities such as balance transfers and identity checks to contribute to network testing. This initiative demonstrated Avail’s commitment to building a robust blockchain ecosystem.

On February 26, Avail announced that it had secured $27 million in an early-stage funding round, with major contributions from prominent investors like Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund and Dragonfly Capital. The infusion of funds came at a crucial time for Avail as it sought to expand its technological offerings and solidify its position within the web3 sector.

Avail aims to lay the foundation for a fundamentally integrated blockchain future where separate ecosystems can implement their own technology and scaling solutions while remaining connected via a trust-minimized and secure coordination layer. This vision reflects Avail’s ambition to unify multiple ecosystems in web3 through its innovative solutions and strategic partnerships.

Avail’s Goldberg testnet reaching the milestone of 100 million transactions demonstrates the platform’s scalability, reliability, and commitment to building a strong blockchain network. With a focus on engagement, competition, and network testing, Avail is paving the way for the future of web3 by embracing innovation and collaboration.


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