BitBoy Retires from Crypto Show Amid Financial Challenges

BitBoy Retires from Crypto Show Amid Financial Challenges

Renowned crypto influencer BitBoy, also known as Ben Armstrong, has shocked the cryptocurrency community by announcing the end of his daily crypto show after three years. In a recent video posted on his YouTube channel, BitBoy revealed that financial challenges and ongoing legal battles have forced him to make this difficult decision.

The Financial Struggles

BitBoy explained that his financial struggles have been exacerbated by the substantial costs associated with creating and publishing his daily shows. He disclosed that he spends approximately $25,000 per week on production expenses alone. Furthermore, he revealed that an additional $100,000 goes towards covering his legal fees. As a result, BitBoy claims to have lost everything.

The Legal Battles

BitBoy’s legal issues began in mid-2023 when he introduced his own crypto asset called the $BEN coin. However, the BitBoy Crypto brand did not endorse this new venture. BitBoy Crypto’s parent company, BJ Investment Holdings, publicly announced its intention to take legal action against Armstrong. Subsequently, BitBoy was ousted from the entire BitBoy Crypto franchise business.

In response, Armstrong filed a counter-lawsuit, but the consequences of these legal disputes remained irreversible. Since then, he has found himself entangled in a series of legal battles with multiple parties, with lawyers seemingly coming at him from every angle. The situation has taken a substantial toll on his personal and financial well-being.

A Farewell to the Viewers

In his closing YouTube presentation, Armstrong expressed his gratitude and sadness to his 60,000 followers who have been with him throughout his journey. He reminisced about the three-year run of his daily crypto livestream, which covered everything from market crashes to bull market tops and epic rants. He conveyed how much he would miss his viewers and their support.

BitBoy rose to prominence in 2021, captivating crypto enthusiasts with his daily insights on digital assets. His YouTube channel gained significant traction, amassing over 91,000 followers over the years. BitBoy covered a wide range of topics, including digital asset fundamentals, price predictions, and investment opportunities in the emerging Web3 space.

Support from Subscribers

Following the announcement of his retirement, BitBoy received an outpouring of support from his YouTube subscribers. Many expressed their gratitude for the valuable information he provided as it helped them navigate the crypto landscape since 2021. While the overall sentiment is positive, there remains uncertainty about whether BitBoy will eventually make a comeback.

Despite the overwhelming support, BitBoy has not hinted at any plans for a potential comeback. It is unclear whether he will continue to be actively involved in the crypto community in any capacity. However, his departure leaves a void in the daily crypto show space, and his viewers, along with the broader crypto community, will eagerly await his next move.

BitBoy’s retirement from his daily crypto show marks the end of an era in the cryptocurrency industry. Financial challenges and legal battles have taken a toll on this influential figure, forcing him to step away from the limelight. Nevertheless, BitBoy’s impact on the crypto community remains significant, and his departure leaves a void that will be felt by many. As the community awaits his next move, the legacy of BitBoy in the world of cryptocurrency will continue to be remembered.


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