Bitcoin Consolidation Continues as Long-Term Holders Remain Optimistic

Bitcoin Consolidation Continues as Long-Term Holders Remain Optimistic

The Bitcoin price action has been showing a pattern of consolidation below the $35,000 support level. However, despite this period of consolidation, the majority of Bitcoin holders are staying strong and holding onto their coins. Onchain data has revealed that the number of Bitcoin unmoved within a 3-month timeframe has reached a record high of 88.5%. This statistic indicates that a significant portion of Bitcoin’s total supply has remained idle for the past three months.

While Bitcoin has experienced ups and downs in recent weeks, the overall trend remains positive. Since the beginning of October, Bitcoin has seen a 26% increase in price, even surpassing the $35,000 mark multiple times. This price surge has propelled millions of BTC wallets into profitability. Although the price has since dropped below $35,000, long-term investors continue to hold an optimistic outlook for Bitcoin.

One metric that paints an interesting picture of the current Bitcoin cycle is Glassnode’s HODL Waves. This metric categorizes Bitcoins based on their age in wallets, with the colors changing from red to purple as they remain unmoved. Currently, almost 90% of Bitcoin’s total supply has stayed idle for the past three months. This statistic highlights the strong conviction of Bitcoin holders, as they choose to hold onto their coins despite market fluctuations.

Further supporting the trend of long-term holding is a metric from IntoTheBlock, which indicates that retail traders are also joining the bandwagon of holding Bitcoin for the long term. The number of addresses holding Bitcoin for more than one year has reached an all-time high of 34 million addresses. This increase in long-term confidence can be attributed to the anticipation of a Bitcoin spot ETF approval by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

There are several factors contributing to the growing confidence of Bitcoin investors in the long term. One such factor is the potential approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs by the SEC. Market participants are hopeful that the introduction of spot Bitcoin ETFs will ignite the next bullish run for Bitcoin’s price. In fact, a top executive at Valkyrie Investments is highly optimistic that these ETF applications will be approved by the end of the month.

On the other hand, some analysts believe that the recent spike in Bitcoin’s price is driven by macroeconomic forces rather than the excitement around spot ETFs. Specifically, the drop in US bond yields has led investors to seek higher-yield investments such as Bitcoin. It is essential to consider these macro forces when assessing the factors influencing Bitcoin’s price movement.

Looking ahead, Bitcoin is likely to remain in a consolidation phase until there is a resurgence of buyers or a catalyst that triggers the next rally. It is worth noting that the last time Bitcoin’s supply reached 88% for this metric was during a consolidation period in late 2022 when bears gained control, ultimately causing Bitcoin to dip below $20,000.

Despite the ongoing consolidation, Bitcoin holders remain steadfast in their belief in the long-term potential of the cryptocurrency. With a record high of 88.5% of Bitcoin unmoved in the past three months, it is evident that investors are confident in their positions. As the market awaits potential spot Bitcoin ETF approvals and factors like macroeconomic forces continue to play a role, Bitcoin’s future holds both challenges and opportunities for growth.


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