Captivating Bitcoin Artwork Unveiled: Bitram

Captivating Bitcoin Artwork Unveiled: Bitram

The unveiling of a captivating artwork piece, Bitram, has taken the world by storm. Created by the talented artist VESA, this artwork is the first Bitcoin specific piece he has produced in a couple of years. The artwork is exclusively available on Scarce.City and has been the talk of the town from June 11-13th.

For art enthusiasts looking to bid on Bitram, the process is simple yet thrilling. Bidders are required to input the amount of Bitcoin they wish to bid, along with an email address for communication purposes. Additionally, bidders need to provide a bidder name that will be displayed with their bid. Once the bid is submitted and confirmed, bidders will be directed to pay a refundable bid deposit, approximately 1% of their bid amount, payable by Lightning or onchain Bitcoin. However, for those who have placed at least one bid on Scarce City and have a strong Twitter reputation, they may qualify for free unlimited bids. By linking their bidder name to their Twitter account, these bidders are kept accountable through their reputation.

Bitram is not just a piece of artwork; it encapsulates the essence of Bitcoin in a unique and powerful way. Traditionally, the Bull and Bear have been common symbols in crypto art, but VESA took on the challenge to create something that delves deeper into Bitcoin’s core values. Bitram symbolizes Bitcoin’s relentlessness amidst turbulent societal times, highlighting its indestructible and unconfiscatable nature. The artwork consists of a 1/3 physical, hand-finished canvas piece that transforms into an augmented reality (AR) version through the Artivive app. Moreover, the Bitram NFT offers a highly curated animation of the artwork, adding another dimension to its beauty.

VESA’s foray into the world of crypto art began in 2017, making him one of the early artists to embrace this budding industry. Since then, he has been fully immersed in the world of crypto art, garnering attention from collectors in both the crypto and traditional art realms. Bitram stands as a testament to VESA’s creativity and vision, showcasing his ability to merge art with technology seamlessly. The artwork is not just a static piece on a wall; it is a dynamic and interactive representation of Bitcoin’s unstoppable force, challenging the status quo and breaking down barriers.

Bitram is not just an artwork; it is a statement, a symbol of Bitcoin’s resilience and strength. As VESA continues to push the boundaries of crypto art, Bitram serves as a reminder of the transformative power of art in the digital age.


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