Lucky Block Casino Releases Updated Whitepaper with New Utility Features for $LBLOCK V2 Token

Lucky Block Casino Releases Updated Whitepaper with New Utility Features for $LBLOCK V2 Token

On Wednesday 10th of January, Lucky Block Casino unveiled its latest whitepaper, showcasing an array of new utility features for the recently integrated $LBLOCK V2 token. The newly released token is built on the Ethereum blockchain and has already made a significant impact in the market. With an increase in liquidity provision on the Uniswap decentralized exchange, the $LBLOCK V2 token has witnessed a 23% surge in price within the first hour of trading. The current price stands at $0.00004546, according to DEXtools data. In this article, we will explore the remarkable growth of Lucky Block Casino and delve into the innovative features outlined in the updated whitepaper.

Following the arrival of a new team dedicated to transforming Lucky Block into a comprehensive iGaming platform, including a casino and sportsbook, the platform has experienced unprecedented success. Within a short span of six months, Lucky Block Casino has amassed 200,000 monthly active users, propelling itself to the top rank of the crypto casino world. The introduction of the $LBLOCK V2 token has played a crucial role in this success, with an impressive $500,000 in monthly wagers being denominated in the token. This figure surpasses the monthly wagered amount across all crypto platforms, which stands at approximately $93 million.

Innovative Features

The whitepaper highlights a myriad of new features and improvements that distinguish Lucky Block Casino as one of the most innovative projects in the gamification space, providing value to token holders. The seamless transition from the V1 BNB Smart Chain version to the ERC20 Ethereum V2 version of the $LBLOCK token has resulted in the burning of 45.1 billion tokens out of the original 100 billion. Currently, the community owns 49.41 billion tokens, with 5.49 billion allocated to staking, listings, and rewards.

With the introduction of the $LBLOCK V2 token, token holders can now access exclusive jackpots that are restricted to V2 and Platinum Rollers Club (PRC) NFT owners. The jackpot pools range from $10,000 to $500,000 and offer better odds of winning due to the smaller pool of players. Additionally, 1% of wagers contribute to the monthly jackpot pool, with the winner receiving their prize in V2, USDT, or USDC. Staking the $LBLOCK V2 token also presents an opportunity to earn rewards, further enhancing user engagement and value.

PRC NFT Migration and Benefits

One of the significant developments outlined in the whitepaper is the migration of PRC NFTs from the BSC chain to the Ethereum blockchain. As part of this migration, new NFTs will be minted and airdropped to existing PRC owners. Lucky Block Casino covers the estimated cost of $35,000 for this process, ensuring no additional expenses for users. Furthermore, 20% of the funds obtained from the sale of NFTs will be allocated to the staking pool. PRC community members enjoy exclusive VIP perks, including a 15% cashback on LBLOCK wagering and access to lucrative loyalty and referral programs.

Exciting Incentives

Lucky Block Casino offers enticing incentives to encourage the use of $LBLOCK tokens. Players who utilize $LBLOCK V2 gain automatic entry into exclusive tournaments where they can win free spins, $LBLOCK tokens, and NFTs. Additionally, the platform features a referral program that allows referrers to earn up to 15% from the house edge of all players they invite. These incentives enhance user experience and contribute to the overall success of Lucky Block Casino.

Continued Progress and Expansion

Despite the remarkable progress achieved thus far, the new Lucky Block team remains dedicated to further growth and improvement. The platform actively seeks strategic partnerships and aims to create crypto gateways for third-party products and services using the $LBLOCK token. The team has successfully completed several milestones, including the bridging of V1 tokens to V2, the integration of V2 tokens into the casino, and the relaunch of the PRC NFTs. Ongoing developments include the establishment of staking pools and dashboards, the creation of a token dashboard, the introduction of mega casino jackpots for token and PRC holders, increased liquidity, and listings on various tier 1/2 CEXs. Furthermore, Lucky Block Casino is venturing into global partnerships within the eSports, football, and MMA/UFC sectors.

The release of the updated whitepaper by Lucky Block Casino signifies the platform’s commitment to innovation and user satisfaction. With the introduction of the $LBLOCK V2 token and the implementation of various utility features, Lucky Block Casino has established itself as a leader in the crypto casino world. The ongoing developments outlined in the whitepaper showcase the team’s dedication to continuous progress and expansion, ensuring that users can enjoy an immersive and rewarding gaming experience. As Lucky Block Casino attracts new investors and expands its market presence, the future looks promising for this cutting-edge iGaming platform.


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