North Korean Hackers Linked to $41 Million Crypto Theft at Online Casino

North Korean Hackers Linked to $41 Million Crypto Theft at Online Casino

In a recent statement by the FBI, it has been revealed that North Korean hackers from the infamous Lazarus Group are responsible for stealing a staggering $41 million worth of cryptocurrency from the online crypto casino Stake. The attack, which occurred around September 4, targeted multiple blockchain networks including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, and Bitcoin.

The Identified Wallet Addresses

The FBI’s statement provided a list of 33 wallet addresses believed to be involved in the attack, and directly attributed the cybercrime to the Lazarus Group, also known as APT38. This group, notorious for their involvement in various criminal activities, has now added cryptocurrency theft to their repertoire.

Stake, a crypto casino with the backing of popular rapper Drake, first noticed unusual outbound transactions on Monday. Their suspicions were confirmed when blockchain security firm PeckShield detected the irregular activity and shared the on-chain details. Other blockchain security firms, including Beosin, joined in the investigation and estimated the total loss to be $41.35 million. The breakdown of the stolen funds revealed that $15.7 million was taken from Ethereum, $7.8 million from Polygon, and an additional $17.8 million from Binance Smart Chain.

The news of the attack sent shockwaves throughout the digital asset community, especially considering the plunging prices at the time. With many already skeptical of the volatility in crypto markets, this incident only fueled concerns and raised questions about the overall security of the industry.

Resumption of Services and Silence from Stake

Despite the significant loss, Stake resumed its services later that same day, leaving many investors and users perplexed. The casino simply issued an apology on X, but failed to address the hacking incident on its social media channels. This lack of transparency is concerning, as it leaves customers in the dark about the security measures being implemented to prevent future attacks.

The Lazarus Group has gained notoriety as one of the largest criminal entities operating in the crypto space. This group has been involved in numerous major hacks, and it is believed that a portion of the stolen funds is used to support North Korea’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missile program. One of their most well-known attacks includes the Ronin bridge hack targeting Axie Infinity, as confirmed by the US Treasury Department and FBI.

A Call for Enhanced Security Measures

The Lazarus Group’s latest cyber heist serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for enhanced security measures within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. As the industry continues to grow and attract more investors, it is crucial for businesses to prioritize the protection of their users’ funds and information. Additionally, governments and regulatory bodies must collaborate to establish stronger frameworks that deter and punish cybercriminals effectively.

The Lazarus Group’s attack on the online crypto casino Stake highlights the ongoing vulnerabilities in the cryptocurrency space. It is essential for all stakeholders to remain vigilant and implement robust security measures to safeguard against future attacks.


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