Patientory Inc. and Wharton Students Partner to Advance Healthcare Blockchain

Patientory Inc. and Wharton Students Partner to Advance Healthcare Blockchain

Patientory Inc., a leading healthcare blockchain company, has partnered with the Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Initiative’s Wharton Impact Venture Associates (WIVA) students in a capital raise agreement. This collaboration aims to address the challenges surrounding data accessibility in the healthcare industry. The partnership was formed through WeFunder, a platform that allows non-accredited investors to invest in early-stage companies. Patientory Inc. has already received over $50,000 in funding through the platform, with WIVA exclusively investing on WeFunder.

WIVA is an educational program based at Wharton University that focuses on impact investing in the ESG sectors. The program provides students with opportunities to learn, mentor, and gain hands-on training in identifying promising early-stage companies. Through WIVA, students develop skills in sourcing, financing, and investment analysis. They also have the chance to connect with entrepreneurs and potential investors in order to conduct detailed research and analysis on identified startups. With this initiative, WIVA introduced Patientory Inc. to WeFunder to facilitate its capital raise and further develop its innovative healthcare platform.

Research conducted by WIVA highlighted the significant challenges associated with fragmented healthcare data, particularly in the United States. Despite the abundance of patient data collected by hospitals and health centers, over 80% of healthcare data remains unstructured and inaccessible, hindering efficient patient care. Patient data is often stored in separate systems, making it difficult for healthcare practitioners to share and access information efficiently.

Patientory Inc., founded in 2015, offers a blockchain-based healthcare platform that aims to address the issue of data accessibility. The platform includes a secure Consumer Wallet where patients can store, share, and even monetize their health data in a secure manner. Additionally, Patientory provides the Neith Enterprise Dashboard, an analytics portal that allows healthcare stakeholders to extract valuable insights from shared and de-identified consumer health data on the Patientory blockchain network.

Through the platform, users can also receive AI-based recommendations to improve their health habits, find relevant clinical trials, and access cost-effective medication. With over 45,000 subscribers and a revenue of more than $4 million, Patientory Inc. has already demonstrated its potential for growth and advancement in the healthcare industry.

The partnership between Patientory Inc. and Wharton students signifies a significant step forward in harnessing blockchain technology to solve critical healthcare challenges. By combining Patientory’s innovative platform with the expertise and support from WIVA students, the healthcare industry can expect to see improvements in data accessibility, quality of care, and overall patient outcomes.

The collaboration between Patientory Inc. and Wharton students in the capital raise agreement represents a pivotal moment in the advancement of blockchain-based healthcare. With healthcare data being one of the foundations for improving healthcare globally, Patientory’s platform offers a revolutionary solution to the challenges associated with fragmented data. Through the support and guidance of WIVA, Patientory Inc. is well-positioned to continue its growth and drive positive change in the healthcare industry.


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