Robinhood Reportedly Holds $3 Billion of Bitcoin in Single Address

Robinhood Reportedly Holds $3 Billion of Bitcoin in Single Address

In a recent report published by Arkham Intelligence, it has come to light that Robinhood, the popular online trading platform, allegedly holds over $3 billion worth of Bitcoin in a single address. This revelation has sparked interest and speculation within the cryptocurrency community, as Robinhood has neither confirmed nor denied these claims.

The address in question, beginning with “bc1ql,” has shown consistent activity, with recent transactions being relatively small. However, the balance of the wallet has grown significantly since mid-May. Initially holding just over $5,400 in Bitcoin, it quickly skyrocketed to $1.4 billion by May 25 and reached $3 billion by June 18.

It has been revealed that the funds in this address are custodied with Jump Trading, a well-known Chicago-based trading firm that powers Robinhood’s crypto trading features. Robinhood, however, has remained tight-lipped about the matter, refusing to confirm or deny ownership of the Bitcoin address. Despite requests for comment, the company failed to respond.

This alleged Bitcoin address makes Robinhood the third-largest Bitcoin wallet overall, according to data from Bitinfocharts. The top two spots are occupied by other cryptocurrency exchanges, with Binance holding 248,597 BTC ($6.5 billion) and Bitfinex holding 178,010 BTC ($4.6 billion). It is important to note that these figures only represent the holdings in specific addresses and not the total crypto assets held by each company.

Robinhood’s massive holdings of Bitcoin also put them in the same league as major corporate investors. For instance, Microstrategy, a company that has embraced Bitcoin as part of its portfolio, held $4.6 billion in Bitcoin by late June. However, it is important to differentiate between these investments. While Microstrategy’s Bitcoin purchases are meant for their balance sheet, Robinhood’s holdings are believed to represent cryptocurrency held on behalf of its users.

Previously, Robinhood disclosed its broader cryptocurrency holdings as part of its quarterly earning results. As of June 30, 2023, the company reported $11.5 billion in assets related to user cryptocurrency safeguarding obligations. However, it remains unclear where the rest of these assets are held, and whether the $11.5 billion includes cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin.

The revelation of Robinhood allegedly holding $3 billion worth of Bitcoin in a single address has raised eyebrows in the crypto community. As the company has not confirmed or denied these claims, speculation continues. While Robinhood’s cryptocurrency holdings may be considerable, it is important to analyze the nature of these holdings and their purpose within the platform. Only time will tell how this situation unfolds and whether it will have any significant impact on the cryptocurrency market.


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