Shiba Inu (SHIB) Burn Tracker Accuses Founder of Deceptive Practices

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Burn Tracker Accuses Founder of Deceptive Practices

The Shiba Inu (SHIB) burn tracker, known as Shibburn, has recently made some alarming accusations against the founder of the meme coin, who operates under the pseudonym “Ryoshi”. These claims question the founder’s integrity and raise concerns about their actions within the SHIB ecosystem.

Misrepresentations and Deceptive Actions

Shibburn, through a series of posts on their platform, has accused the token’s founders of dishonesty and manipulation. In particular, they highlight the refusal of the founders to burn more than 103 trillion SHIB, which directly affects the token’s burn rate. This allegation emerged from Ryoshi’s statement regarding their SHIB holdings. Shibburn claims that Ryoshi falsely claimed to hold “0 SHIB” in order to avoid any conflicts of interest. However, it has come to light that Ryoshi actually possesses over $1 billion worth of SHIB. The founders have actively taken steps to conceal their holdings by transferring them between different wallets, hindering the growth of the ecosystem, as some of these tokens are meant to be burned.

Shibburn goes even further by asserting that Ryoshi and the other founders prioritize their personal gain over the development of SHIB. They accuse Ryoshi of only caring about their own profits and reveal that Ryoshi is not an individual, but rather a collective entity consisting of “greedy investors.” Through their actions, these investors utilize SHIB as their “golden goose” to enrich themselves at the expense of the community.

In addition to Ryoshi, Shibburn also implicates SHIB’s lead developer, Shytoshi Kusama, in questionable practices. They cast doubt on Kusama’s credentials as a legitimate developer and insinuate that Kusama is also seeking personal profits from the community. Shibburn points to the developers’ supposed rewarding of themselves with a “large amount of $BONE” during the creation of ShibaSwap. This action raises suspicions and suggests that BONE’s designation as a gas token for Shibarium may have been purposefully done to increase its utility and value for personal gains.

Amidst these shocking revelations, both Ryoshi and Kusama have remained silent, yet to respond to these serious allegations. The official announcements blog, which normally provides regular updates from the developers, has also been devoid of any response. Surprisingly, Shiba Inu itself seems unfazed by these accusations and continues to operate as usual, seemingly unaffected by the potential deception within its own ecosystem.

These allegations and revelations have undoubtedly stained the reputation of the SHIB community, casting doubt on the intentions of its founders. If proven true, these deceptive practices would undermine the trust and confidence that the SHIB community has placed in the project. It highlights the importance of transparency and accountability within the cryptocurrency community as a whole, as investors and participants deserve to know the true motivations behind the projects they support.

The accusations brought forward by Shibburn regarding the founder of SHIB, Ryoshi, and the lead developer, Shytoshi Kusama, have exposed a potential breach of trust within the SHIB ecosystem. The alleged deceptive practices and prioritization of personal gains over community development raise significant concerns about the future of the meme coin. Only time will tell how these allegations will be addressed and whether the SHIB community can regain the trust that has been damaged.


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