The Chamber of Digital Commerce Defends Kraken in SEC Lawsuit

The Chamber of Digital Commerce Defends Kraken in SEC Lawsuit

The Chamber of Digital Commerce recently filed an amicus curiae defending the crypto exchange Kraken in a lawsuit brought by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The Chamber’s main goal with this brief is to put an end to the SEC’s attempts to regulate the digital asset industry through enforcement without proper legislative authority.

In its statement, the CDC emphasized that enforcement alone is not sufficient when it comes to regulating the digital asset industry. The Chamber argued that the SEC is mistaken in its belief that securities laws can be expanded to cover all digital asset transactions. This assertion was labeled as “incorrect as a matter of law,” with the Chamber reiterating that digital assets are not inherently investment contracts.

Impact on Blockchain Technology

The Chamber of Digital Commerce raised concerns about the broader implications of the SEC’s enforcement actions. It warned that the SEC’s approach poses a significant threat to the adoption and progress of blockchain technology. Furthermore, the Chamber highlighted the potential impact on the trillion-dollar digital asset space and, ultimately, the US economy.

Kraken was initially sued by the SEC in November 2023, with allegations of operating an unregistered securities exchange, broker, dealer, and clearing agency. Despite these accusations, Kraken and its representatives have firmly denied any wrongdoing and are actively contesting the case in court. The Chamber of Digital Commerce has expressed its support for Kraken’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit.

The recent filing by the Chamber of Digital Commerce comes in the wake of similar high-profile cases involving the SEC and other crypto exchanges. Notably, the SEC settled with Kraken for $30 million in a separate case concerning the exchange’s staking services. Coinbase and Binance are also currently embroiled in SEC cases alleging unregistered exchange operations, which began in June 2023.

The Chamber of Digital Commerce’s amicus curiae in defense of Kraken highlights the ongoing challenges faced by the digital asset industry in navigating regulatory enforcement actions. The outcome of this lawsuit and others like it could have far-reaching implications for the future of blockchain technology and the broader digital asset ecosystem.


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