The Collaboration between Ledger and Coinbase Enhances Accessibility for Self-Custody Users

The Collaboration between Ledger and Coinbase Enhances Accessibility for Self-Custody Users

In a significant move to enhance accessibility for self-custody users seeking to purchase cryptocurrencies, leading self-custody wallet Ledger has teamed up with Coinbase. The collaboration aims to simplify the crypto purchasing process and broaden access for new users. The integration of Coinbase Pay into Ledger Live brings a seamless pathway for Ledger users to purchase digital assets through their Coinbase accounts and withdraw funds directly to their wallets at no additional costs.

One of the main challenges faced by users who want to transfer assets from an exchange into a self-custody wallet is the cumbersome process involved. The collaboration between Ledger and Coinbase seeks to address this issue, providing a solution that streamlines the transfer process and makes it more user-friendly. This development comes at a time when the recent launch of Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) is expected to drive greater adoption of cryptocurrencies. As new users enter the market, many may eventually transition to self-custody solutions, making this integration even more crucial.

Both Ledger and Coinbase share a common goal of simplifying crypto usage while prioritizing customer security. Ian Rogers, the chief experience officer at Ledger, highlighted the shared commitment between the two firms in making crypto more accessible. With this collaboration, Coinbase users can seamlessly purchase crypto within Ledger Live, enjoying a similar experience to Ledger users purchasing through Coinbase. This integration not only enhances user experiences but also contributes to Ledger’s growth trajectory, aligning with Coinbase’s mission to empower the crypto economy.

The partnership between Ledger and Coinbase has garnered enthusiasm from both sides. Lauren Dowling, the head of product at Coinbase Developer Payment Services, expressed delight in collaborating with Ledger to provide users with a more seamless purchase experience. With Coinbase Pay integrated into Ledger Live, users can now effortlessly purchase crypto and transfer it directly to their self-custody solutions, eliminating the need for complex processes.

Ledger’s collaboration with Coinbase is a significant milestone for the company, which stands as one of the leading hardware wallet manufacturers in the crypto industry. Ledger has sold over 6 million devices across 200 countries and serves over 100 financial institutions. Approximately 20% of the world’s crypto is secured through Ledger’s devices, highlighting their widespread adoption and trusted reputation.

In December of last year, Ledger faced a setback when its ConnectKit library was compromised, resulting in the theft of approximately $600,000 in digital assets. While this incident highlighted the vulnerabilities in the crypto industry, Ledger remains committed to prioritizing customer security. The collaboration with Coinbase further strengthens this commitment by providing users with a secure and streamlined platform for purchasing and storing cryptocurrencies.

The collaboration between Ledger and Coinbase marks a significant step towards enhancing accessibility for self-custody users. By simplifying the crypto purchasing process and addressing the challenges of transferring assets, this integration opens doors for new users to enter the crypto market. With a shared commitment to simplify crypto usage and prioritize customer security, Ledger and Coinbase are poised to empower the crypto economy and drive further adoption of cryptocurrencies.


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