The Ethereum Foundation Announces Devcon Southeast Asia in Bangkok: Embracing the Rapid Growth of the Ethereum Community

The Ethereum Foundation Announces Devcon Southeast Asia in Bangkok: Embracing the Rapid Growth of the Ethereum Community

The Ethereum Foundation recently made an exciting announcement: Devcon 7, the Ethereum developer conference, will be hosted in Bangkok, Thailand, from November 12 to 15, 2024. This decision reflects a significant expansion of the event’s vision, which now aims to embrace the entire Southeast Asia region as the stage for this community gathering.

The Ethereum Foundation expressed its enthusiasm for the potential and rapid growth of the Ethereum community in Southeast Asia. By scheduling Devcon 7 for 2024, the Foundation aims to make a more substantial impact on the regional Ethereum communities. This decision also allows for deeper engagement with local communities, providing support and empowerment in a meaningful way.

Devcon Southeast Asia: A More Inclusive and Regionally Focused Event

To reflect the inclusive and regionally focused vision of Devcon 7, the event will be called “Devcon Southeast Asia” rather than being named after the host city. This name change signifies the event’s goal of resonating across Southeast Asia and showcasing the vibrant Ethereum community in the region.

The Significance of Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand, was chosen as the host city for Devcon Southeast Asia due to the region’s significant potential and rapid growth in cryptocurrency adoption. Countries like Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand rank highly in the Global Crypto Adoption Index, highlighting the pivotal role of Southeast Asia in the global Ethereum landscape.

Diverse Cultures and Vibrant Communities

The decision to focus on Southeast Asia is not only driven by the region’s potential and cryptocurrency adoption but also by its diverse cultures, rich histories, and vibrant communities. Devcon Southeast Asia aims to resonate across the region, showcasing the vibrant Ethereum community while embracing the diverse cultures and energy of Southeast Asia.

A Venue of Tradition and Modernity

Bangkok, Thailand, with its unique blend of tradition and modernity, is considered an ideal location for Devcon Southeast Asia. The city offers suitable venues and global accessibility, making it a convenient destination for participants from around the world. Devcon Southeast Asia is expected to provide a platform for meaningful engagement with local communities and further empower the Ethereum ecosystem in Southeast Asia.

In support of Ethereum events, grassroots communities, and educational initiatives in Southeast Asia, the Ethereum Foundation initiated the Road to Devcon (RTD) Grants round. This grant round specifically targets individuals based in Southeast Asia who are actively building communities, developing educational activities, and contributing to the growth of the Ethereum ecosystem in the region.

The EF encouraged applicants to propose smaller meet-ups instead of large events, with a maximum grant of $1,000. This initiative aims to empower the Southeast Asian Ethereum community by providing support along the Road to Devcon. The application deadline for the grants was set for November 30, 2023, at 23:59 UTC.

Enthusiastic Response and Innovative Proposals

The Ethereum Foundation expressed satisfaction with the enthusiastic response and innovative proposals received from countries such as Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam, and other neighboring Southeast Asian nations. These grants serve as a means to recognize and support the efforts of individuals and projects that contribute to shaping the Ethereum ecosystem in the region.

Vietnam’s Leadership in Cryptocurrency Adoption

Recent research by Chainalysis highlights Vietnam’s emergence as a leader in cryptocurrency adoption within Southeast Asia. Vietnam’s favorable ranking in the Global Crypto Adoption Index for 2023 reflects the country’s growing enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Other Southeast Asian nations, such as the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand, also secured positions in the index, showcasing the region’s interest in cryptocurrencies. However, Singapore lags behind at the 77th position.

Competition Among Southeast Asian Countries

The competition among Southeast Asian countries to establish themselves as crypto hubs is evident, with each nation adopting different regulatory approaches to balance the potential of Web3 with safe and efficient practices. While Singapore and Thailand have implemented stricter measures, Vietnam’s favorable ranking suggests its positive reception and adoption of cryptocurrencies within the region.

Devcon Southeast Asia in Bangkok marks a significant milestone for the Ethereum community. By embracing the rapid growth of the Ethereum ecosystem in Southeast Asia, the event aims to empower local communities, foster innovation, and strengthen the global Ethereum landscape. With Bangkok as the vibrant host city, Devcon Southeast Asia promises to be a memorable and impactful gathering of Ethereum enthusiasts from around the world.


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