The FCA Cracks Down on Crypto Firms for Failing to Meet Promotion Requirements

The FCA Cracks Down on Crypto Firms for Failing to Meet Promotion Requirements

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the U.K. has recently raised concerns over widespread non-compliance among cryptocurrency firms with its new promotion requirements. These requirements, which were implemented on October 8, aim to protect investors by urging companies to warn users about the potential risks associated with investing in certain crypto products. However, the FCA has identified several areas where firms have fallen short, including misleading claims, inadequate warning visibility, and a failure to adequately address product risks.

The Three Common Shortcomings

The FCA has identified three key shortcomings among crypto firms regarding their compliance with the promotion requirements.

Misleading Claims

One significant issue highlighted by the FCA is that companies have been making claims about the safety, security, and ease of use of cryptocurrency services without adequately highlighting the potential risks involved. By downplaying the associated risks, these firms are potentially misleading investors and setting unrealistic expectations.

Inadequate Warning Visibility

Another area of concern raised by the FCA is that some companies have failed to make their warnings sufficiently visible. Whether it be through the use of small fonts, hard-to-see colors, or poor positioning, these firms have not prioritized ensuring that users can easily identify and comprehend the risks associated with their offerings. This lack of visibility may contribute to investors making ill-informed decisions.

Inadequate Risk Disclosure

Lastly, the FCA has identified cases where companies have failed to adequately outline the risks specific to their products. Providing clear and detailed information about the potential risks associated with investing in particular cryptocurrencies is crucial for investor protection. By neglecting to do so, these firms are failing to fulfill their obligation to educate and inform investors adequately.

The Consequences of Non-Compliance

The FCA has made it clear that it will not tolerate non-compliance with the new promotion requirements and has already taken action against some firms. One notable example is, which received restrictions imposed by the regulator. This company was initially set to partner with Binance to offer its services in the UK, but Binance later decided to stop accepting UK customers. Since the implementation of the new rules, the FCA has issued 221 alerts to firms that have violated these requirements, with many of them targeting lesser-known companies. However, leading crypto firms like HTX and KuCoin have also faced scrutiny.

Strict Measures

The new crypto marketing regime introduced by the FCA is exceptionally stringent, granting the government the power to impose unlimited fines on companies and hold executives accountable with potential prison time. Moreover, these rules also apply to companies based outside of the UK that cater to UK customers. Consequently, several prominent crypto service providers have already withdrawn from the UK market due to the impending enforcement of the new rules. Among them are industry giants such as PayPal, Bybit, Nicehash, and Luno.

The FCA’s crackdown on crypto firms failing to meet the new promotion requirements highlights the regulator’s commitment to investor protection and the promotion of transparency in the crypto market. By addressing the shortcomings in misleading claims, warning visibility, and risk disclosure, the FCA aims to create a safer environment for investors and ensure that they have access to accurate and reliable information when making investment decisions. The stringent measures and enforcement of these rules demonstrate the seriousness with which the FCA is approaching the regulation of cryptocurrency promotions, and it is likely that further actions will be taken against non-compliant firms in the future.


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