The Future of Gaming: A $100 Million Investment Fund in Web3 Technology

The Future of Gaming: A $100 Million Investment Fund in Web3 Technology

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Australian venture capital firm King River Capital, along with blockchain gaming firm Immutable and Polygon Labs, have come together to launch a $100 million gaming fund. This fund, named the “Inevitable Games Fund,” is set to revolutionize the gaming industry and provide high growth opportunities for investors.

According to data from Messari, a crypto market intelligence firm, Immutable and Polygon Labs currently dominate 70% of the total blockchain gaming development market share. This comes after a year of significant growth for the entire industry, with blockchain gaming-related rounds reaching $1.7 billion in 2023. The fund aims to tap into this rapidly expanding market and identify the most promising projects in the web3 gaming space.

Zeb Rice, co-founder and managing partner at King River Capital, highlighted the massive potential of web3 technology in the gaming industry. Drawing parallels to the explosive growth of mobile gaming, Rice emphasized the shift towards web3 technology as the next big wave in gaming innovation. With global gaming revenue projected to reach $312 billion by 2027, the fund is poised to capitalize on the benefits of decentralization, ownership features, and play-and-earn models that incentivize players financially.

The Inevitable Games Fund is open to professional and sophisticated investors looking to gain access to the best web3 gaming projects on a global scale. The fund has already supported seven early-stage investments, including Pixelmon, Metalcore, Guild of Guardians, and My Pet Hooligan. By backing these innovative projects, investors can take advantage of the multi-hundred billion dollar shift towards disruptive new technologies in the gaming industry.

The launch of the Inevitable Games Fund represents a significant milestone in the gaming industry. With a focus on web3 technology and blockchain gaming, this $100 million investment fund is set to redefine the future of gaming and provide investors with unique opportunities in a rapidly evolving market. As the industry continues to grow and adapt to new technologies, the Inevitable Games Fund stands at the forefront of innovation and promises to deliver substantial returns for those willing to explore the possibilities of the web3 gaming landscape.


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