The Rising Chainlink (LINK) Price: A Bullish Breakout

The Rising Chainlink (LINK) Price: A Bullish Breakout

The Chainlink (LINK) price has experienced a remarkable surge in the past week, reaching new yearly highs. Cryptocurrency analyst CobraVanguard highlights the bullish momentum of the LINK price and emphasizes that many traders fail to recognize its potential. This article will analyze the factors contributing to the bullish rally and discuss the analyst’s predictions for future price movements.

According to CobraVanguard, the Chainlink price’s chart formation resembles a “bullish flag pattern.” This pattern indicates an upcoming bullish movement that could mirror the measured price movement, also known as the flag pole. In the case of LINK, the analyst predicts a significant price increase based on this pattern. The confirmation of the breakout from this flag pattern further strengthens the bullish sentiment.

The Chainlink price was initially testing the major supply zone at $18, which posed a significant resistance level. However, as of now, LINK has successfully broken free from this supply zone and aims to surpass the $19 mark. This breakthrough signifies a pivotal moment for the price trajectory, indicating stronger bullish momentum than previously anticipated. CobraVanguard asserts that “the flag is broken,” emphasizing the significance of this event.

In the analysis, the crypto analyst identifies two crucial points in the Chainlink chart: the Supply Zone and the Target Price. The Supply Zone, which previously obstructed the price at $18.3, has been surpassed, providing a firm foundation for future upward movements. Looking ahead, the analyst sets the Target Price at $27, representing another critical level for LINK’s price. However, the analyst’s chart also indicates a potential correction below the $13 support level before the price rally resumes towards the target.

If the analysis by CobraVanguard proves accurate over the coming days and weeks, a sharp 20% correction could occur before the LINK price begins a complete upward move to reach the $27 target. This correction serves as an initial sign of the price’s strength, followed by a substantial 100% increase. While these predictions are subject to market fluctuations, they offer an outline of the potential future movements for Chainlink’s price.

Presently, LINK bulls maintain their dominance, with a notable 7% increase in just one day. On a broader scale, the LINK price has risen by 27% over the past week, pushing its market capitalization to $10.9 billion. This upward momentum reflects the growing interest and confidence in Chainlink as an investment option.

The Chainlink (LINK) price continues its impressive rally, showcasing a bullish breakout that has led to new yearly highs. CobraVanguard’s analysis highlights the underlying bullish sentiment and suggests that many traders fail to recognize this promising opportunity. By closely monitoring the market and key chart levels, investors can navigate the potential fluctuations while capitalizing on the significant upside potential of the Chainlink price.

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only and does not represent the opinions of the author or NewsBTC regarding specific investment actions. Readers are advised to conduct their own research and exercise caution when investing in cryptocurrencies.


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