The U.K. Approves Fund Tokenization: A Step Towards Efficiency and Competitiveness in the Investment Sector

The U.K. Approves Fund Tokenization: A Step Towards Efficiency and Competitiveness in the Investment Sector

The Investment Association, representing the investment sector in the U.K., has received official approval for a project that aims to develop tokenization within authorized funds. The initiative, spearheaded by the Technology Working Group of the government’s Asset Management Taskforce, in collaboration with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and HM Treasury, seeks to enhance efficiency, transparency, and competitiveness in the industry. With the publication of a comprehensive roadmap titled “UK Fund Tokenisation: A Blueprint for Implementation,” the potential for transformative change through fund tokenization is being highlighted.

Michelle Scrimgeour, Chair of the Technology Working Group and CEO of Legal & General Investment Management, firmly believes that fund tokenization is a game-changer for the industry. By leveraging Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), tokenization offers numerous benefits including increased efficiency, liquidity, risk management, and the ability to create more tailored investment portfolios. This transformative potential marks a significant shift in how investment management firms operate.

FCA Executive Director Sarah Pritchard expresses confidence in the implementation of tokenization, emphasizing that no regulatory hurdles stand in the way of adopting the baseline model. The FCA intends to provide support to the industry during this transformative period. The blueprint outlines a baseline model that is compatible with existing legal and regulatory frameworks. It recommends a phased approach to tokenization, allowing investment management firms to implement it immediately, provided they maintain traditional investment portfolios and existing valuation and settlement processes.

Tokenization will initially be applied in a manner consistent with existing fund structures, using DLT for transactions such as sales, redemptions, and maintaining records of token holders. FCA-authorized funds will have the opportunity to tokenize as long as they meet specific criteria, including holding mainstream assets and adhering to traditional valuation schedules and settlement timeframes. During this stage, funds will operate similarly to traditional funds, with off-chain fiat currency settlements and DLT for transaction and ownership record-keeping.

The roadmap envisions future stages of tokenization that may involve a more comprehensive integration of DLT, potentially requiring adjustments in legislative or regulatory frameworks. The success of these stages may additionally depend on broader technological advancements, such as the development and adoption of digital currencies. The blueprint also highlights the possibility for firms to explore public ledgers and interoperability in more advanced stages of implementation, emphasizing the importance of continuous innovation and adaptability.

With the U.K.’s official approval of fund tokenization, the investment sector is poised for a significant transformation. The streamlined processes enabled by tokenization offer enhanced efficiency, transparency, and competitiveness, revolutionizing how investment management firms operate. The comprehensive roadmap provided by the Technology Working Group, in collaboration with regulatory bodies, ensures a deliberate and phased approach to implementation, ensuring compatibility with existing frameworks while allowing for future advancements. As the industry embraces tokenization, it opens up a world of possibilities for tailored investment portfolios and improved risk management. The future of the investment sector looks promising with the integration of tokenization and Distributed Ledger Technology.


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