China’s Central Bank Introduces e-CNY Service Guide for Foreign Visitors

China’s Central Bank Introduces e-CNY Service Guide for Foreign Visitors

In a move to promote the adoption of digital payments and its central bank digital currency (CBDC), the People’s Bank of China has launched a digital yuan service guide specifically designed for foreign visitors. This initiative aims to facilitate contactless payments using e-CNY and provide a seamless experience for international tourists traveling in China.

The digital yuan service guide, titled “Explore the Splendors of China with e-CNY Service Guide for Visitors in China,” is now available for download on the official mobile app, which can be found on both the App Store and Google Play. Through this app, foreign visitors can register for a CBDC account with the support of authorized local banks, enabling them to make digital yuan payments without the need for accounts at Chinese financial institutions.

One of the key features of the e-CNY service guide is the wallet registration process, which allows users to open an anonymous wallet without the requirement of visiting a physical bank or providing extensive personal information. International tourists can simply link their Visa or Master cards to the wallet, with the option to top up their accounts for online shopping and in-store purchases at local vendors that accept digital yuan payments.

To enhance user convenience, the central bank has also introduced the ability for international users to visit authorized bank counters for wallet top-ups using RMB or foreign currency banknotes. Moreover, visitors in Hong Kong SAR can take advantage of the “Faster Payment System” feature to fund their wallets from Hong Kong banking accounts, including institutions like HSBC, Hang Seng Bank, and Standard Chartered Bank. Additionally, users have the option to request a conventional card, a card-shaped e-ink wallet, or make mobile payments through QR code scanning and NFC technology.

The introduction of the e-CNY service guide for foreign visitors by China’s central bank signifies a major step towards promoting the use of digital payments and enhancing the overall user experience for international tourists. By providing a user-friendly platform for accessing and utilizing the digital yuan, China aims to establish itself as a leader in the CBDC space and drive innovation in the global financial sector.


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