The Struggle for Approval: Will Ethereum ETFs Make the Cut?

The Struggle for Approval: Will Ethereum ETFs Make the Cut?

The recent urging by US Senators Jack Reed and Laphonza Butler to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to reject crypto ETF proposals has cast a shadow of doubt over the pending spot Ethereum exchange-traded fund applications. The Senators emphasized the need for stricter scrutiny of Bitcoin ETFs and expressed concerns about the potential risks involved in approving ETFs for other cryptocurrencies beyond Bitcoin.

Bloomberg’s Analysis and Reduced Probability

Bloomberg analysts have significantly lowered the probability of a spot Ethereum ETF approval to only 35%. This lowered expectation has been attributed to the success of Bitcoin ETFs which may have made some policymakers uneasy. The pessimism surrounding the approval of spot ETH ETFs has escalated, making the road to approval even rockier.

Coinbase’s Legal Chief Stresses Ethereum’s Market Quality

Paul Grewal, the legal chief at Coinbase, has emphasized the significant legal conflicts that may arise if the SEC decides to decline the pending Ethereum ETF applications. Grewal pointed out that Ethereum, among other digital asset commodities, boasts market quality metrics that surpass even the most substantial traded equities. He highlighted the strong correlation between Ethereum’s future and spot market, which enables effective market surveillance.

The journey towards approval for Ethereum ETFs is riddled with challenges and uncertainties. The Senate’s concerns about potential risks for retail investors, Bloomberg’s analysis lowering the probability of approval, and Coinbase’s legal chief advocating for Ethereum’s market quality all contribute to the complex landscape surrounding the pending applications. As the decision looms, it remains to be seen whether Ethereum ETFs will ultimately make the cut amidst the regulatory scrutiny and market dynamics.


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